【DAC】S.M.S.L M500

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【DAC】S.M.S.L M500


S.M.S.L M500 のUSB DAC M500です。
小型ですが、DACチップにES9038proを使用しており、入力端子もUSB, Optical2ポート, coaxial1ポートと同時に4機器の入力ができ、手軽に高音質な音楽を楽しめます。



カテゴリ スマホ/家電/カメラ
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  • 【DAC】S.M.S.L M500
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French linen 3way setup

SMSL M500 MQA DAC& | Headphone Reviews and Discussion

SMSL M500 is unquestionable an excellent performing unit in a speaker based or in a headphone-based setup and only at $399 you cannot go wrong with it. SMSL M500 can be purchased in the Apos Audio store following this link. PROS: Great build-quality with impressive tolerance numbers.

【送料無料】サンヨー純正 コインランドリー向け洗剤 テクノウォッシュ 18kg

【DAC】S.M.S.L M500


S.M.S.L Amplificador de fone de ouvido M500 DAC suporta

Compre online S.M.S.L Amplificador de fone de ouvido M500 DAC suporta decodificação MQA ES9038PRO D/A chip USB Usa XMOS XU-216 com controle remoto (preto) na Amazon. Frete GRÁTIS em milhares de produtos com o Amazon Prime. Encontre diversos produtos da marca S.M.S.L com ótimos preços.

【DAC】S.M.S.L M500

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S.M.S.L M500 DAC Headphone Amp Supports MQA decoding
SMSL Audio Official -English DP5 network music play Built-in decoder chip ES 9038 PRO Large size IPS LCD screen Support external hard drive With fully balanced output interface A100 Bluetooth power amplifier German Infineon's amplifier chip Bluetooth 5.0 receiver Gold-plated terminals RCA& USB audio input Sanskrit10 MKⅢ AKM's new AK4493S chip;
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32 件 (1 ~ 32 件目)